The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : print your own maps
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It's easy to print your own - custom made - maps with the GRPdesBF and the bordermarkers on them.
In general: a combination of Google Earth-prints with French IGN-prints is perfect. But there are more options and sometimes such an alternative is better. It's you who decides.

Note: for safety-reasons print or buy also a more overall map of where you walk. In case of bad weather or emergency, you want to know your escape-routes.

Which gps-files are relevant?

gpx (with
altitudes added)
Waypoints of all esfr-bordermarkers esfr-bordermarkers-all-waypoints.kml
Tracks of the stage you want to print
see the page of that stage
NB: The zipped versions of .kml-files (= .kmz) don't work properly on some sites. That's why I stopped using .kmz-files.

Printing with Google Earth
- load esfr-bordermarkers-all-waypoints.kml
- load the .kml-file (or .kmz) of the stage you want to print
- choose - if it suits you better - an overlay from Eefs Overlays, e.g. 'Opencyclemap'
- zoom in (and tilt) until you're satisfied with the result
- print a 'screenshot of the current 3D view'
- or File -> Save -> Save image

Printing with French IGN-maps
But the french IGN-maps might be a better alternative (or perfect addition), depending on the terrain. The official Géoportail-site supports the import of .kml and .gpx-files but you need a login-account.

It's easier to use New ClicGPX: ( -> service however stopped on 6/2/2013, they were too popular and exceeded their géoportail-quota) troublefree loading of .gpx-files and easy printing. You only need the .gpx of the route, the bordermarkers are shown on the maps itself (and you can't load two .gpx-files together).

An alternative for New ClicGPX is Visugpx: load your gpx and show it on IGN-maps ("afficher sous IGN") and then enlarge the screen ("Afficher en grande taille"). Unfortunately no print-button, you have to use the print-option in the browser (if it works) or copy the screen to your image-editing software.
Visugpx has an interesting option: EditGPX: it contains more map-layers like OpenStreetMaps and the Spanish IGN-maps. You can load gpx-files but there's an error in showing them when variants are included: unwanted straight lines.

Note: on these sites there's no color-difference between main route and variants.

Printing with Peter Robins
Peter Robins offers an amazing combination of maps on:, including both French and Spanish IGN-maps. Go directly to the maps by choosing a mapbase and clicking on 'Load'. Then discover the various buttons on the screen.
Service is unfortunately to be stopped in spring 2016 but still functional at may 6th 2016. Peter describes a way to install a similar webservice at your own webserver.

Loading of  both .kml- and .gpx-files work well. And: you can load more than one file! For example: first the 'waypoints of all esfr-bordermarkers' and then the file of the stage in question. If you use the .kml-files, you can even get the color-difference between main route and variants.
Any mapbase you choose, will be added to the mapbase-list in the upper-right corner. That makes shifting between mapbases easy. Note: the Google Earth-mapbase is not available but the IGN aerial-pictures (both French and Spanish) are equally or even more precise.
There's one minor drawback: there's no print-button. You have to use the print-option in the browser (if it works) or copy the screen to your image-editing software.

Printing with Spanish IGN-maps
Not yet satisfied? Try the Spanish counterpart of Géoportail: the Iberpix-viewer