The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : the GRPdesBF principles
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First we need to do some work on definition and statement. What is the GRPdesBF all about? For whom is it meant? And in what sense differs it from other coast-to-coast-trails like the GR10, GR11 and HRP?

The GRPdesBF connects all esfr-bordermarkers and is divided in a main route and the variants.

The main route provides a smooth on-going trail along the border
The main route is meant for those who enjoy the idea of following the borderline without the wish to find each and every bordermarker. If a bordermarker is within short distance (max 100m) of the main route and easily accessible, it's considered to be part of it. In this way you will cover 60% of all esfr-bordermarkers.

The variants give access to the remaining - more remote - bordermarkers
Those who want to find and photograph all bordermarkers (and I hope you do!) can incorporate these variants into the main route.  They might be (much) more challenging than the main route in crossing rough terrain and finding your way.

The GRPdesBF is a trail in bivouac-style
Unlike trails like the GR10, GR11 and HRP, this trail is not subdivided in daytrips from one camping to the next refuge or likewise. You should be able to carry a full backpack in mountainous terrain and to camp/bivouac wherever is possible. Is this too tough for you? Well, never mind, then compose your own GRPdesBF-itinerary with the help of this site. Do as you like and enjoy.

The GRPdesBF makes no compromises
This is not true, every trail-designer has to make choices and therefore compromises. But in the GRPdesBF there's no attempt to include touristic or natural highlights in the trail.  It's design is in the first place functional in connecting the bordermarkers.  Is that a disadvantage? No, the Pyrenees are splendid everywhere. Moreover, the GRPdesBF will take you to remote parts, many times off the beaten tracks.

The GRPdesBF is not way-marked
Far too much work & maintenance & organisation. Whenever available, existing way-marking will be mentioned. But you will depend primarily on the maps and directions on this website.

The GRPdesBF is free
All you need for finding your way along the GRPdesBF, will be available on this website.  You don't have to buy a guidebook or Gps. By printing maps via the online free mapping websites mentioned, you might even save some euro's on maps.  Using a Gps however takes advantage of all the gps-data on this website.

The GRPdesBF is at your own risk
This is self-evident as it is for every GR. A lot of the trail is high on the borderridge, making you vulnerable in bad weather. Know your position and your escape-routes. Be aware that certain parts of  the  GRPdesBF might involve involuntary trespassing private property. But usually no one will notice, let alone care.
In general: mountain-walking can be dangerous, take care! My basic rules: stay dry & warm & hydrated, don't get hurt or lost.