The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : sources in person
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I have received a lot of information on the esfr-bordermarkers from sources 'in person'. We're talking about people who have responded to my website and my questions or helped me in the field. They represent a small but - so it seems - slowly increasing group of people who are deeply interested in the bordermarkers in the Pyrenees. This alphabetical list is also a tribute to these contributors.

Anne Marie Bats and Bernadette Chasseur
These two brave women - who search the esfr-bordermarkers in the Basque country - delivered in july 2013 the ultimate proof that bm196 was indeed rediscovered. See this page.

Joan Capdevila Subirana

One of the (Spanish) members of de Commission Mixte d'Abornemnet. In 2012 he got a PhD with a thesis on the history of the Franco-Spanish delimitation. He made his publications available to me (and to you). See the literature-page

In a company of mainly retired men with a passion for the Pyrenean bordermarkes, Cayetano is an exemption being still a young man. Living in Girona, Spain), he started in 2013 to search and photograph the esfr-bordermarkers between the province of Girona and France (bm427-602). He has his own modern website and provided me in several cases with new information and words of encouragement. 

Charles & Josette Darrieu
Having 'done' all the esfr-bordermarkers in many extensive searches and gathering a lot of background information, they were invaluable in sharing pictures, directions, corrections and friendly words. Josette sadly passed away in 2015.

Robert Darrieumerlou
The information on his website meant a lot of help. Besides that Robert supplied pictures, directions and corrections.

Cyril Dominguez
Is a 'close reader' of my website and helped me to correct a lot of mistakes. And he has his own photosite

Martial Garcia
This 'cyclocampeur' with this website did a great job in finding some Llivia-bordermarkers, I couln't find before.

Corinne Gourgeonnet
Corinne has started her quest for the bordermarkers in the Eastern Pyrenees and has in 2018 extended her search to the Basque country. In doing so she has provided me of a lot of information on unnumbered intermediate marker not yet reported by anyone. She has definitely a special eye for details and I like her enthousiasm. And she takes responsibility for the future by introducing her young son into the art and pleasure of bordermarker-searching.

Jean Hirschinger
Together with his friend Simone Hondelatte, Jean has almost reached his target: finding all the esfr-bordermarkers in the Basque country, that is nr. 1-272. He provided me with additional information on the 'graveyard' beneath Col de Gorrospil, was an intermediary for Anne Marie Bats and Bernadette concerning bm196 and has published his own book on the subject.

Jean Iglesias
We met him by chance twice near Coustouges, a local huntersman who gave crucial tips to find some of the bordermarkers around Coustouges. Later - in 2009 - he guided me in person to bm542, one of the top experiences of my project.

Jacques Koleck
Jacques –  living in Pau – started with photographing bordermarkers in 2007 at the age of 71. Having begun with bm001, he has in 2013 reached the eastern Pyrenees. He supplied me with a lot of information and pictures. Read more about him in this newspaper-article

Jean-Paul Laborie
As one of the three "délégués de l'abornement' of the trans-Pyrenean bordercommitte, Jean-Paul informed me about his discovery of the original bm330 in september 2012.

Alain Laridon
The first esfr-bordermarker searcher, I heard from. See his website which however (2016) appeared to have stopped. He shared his information generously and answered questions when needed.

Javier Martínez Ruiz
This Spaniard from Irún has visited the 1-235 bordermarker-range for many years and wrote a large encyclopedic article on them (see the literature-page, including pdf-download). He sent me information and pictures about the reinstalled bm087 and other bordermarkers.

Miguel Martin
Living in Err, close to Puigcerda, he has started to photograph the bordermarkers nearby. He sent me the pictures of the old markers 481fr and 482fr which have been replaced by bronze plates in the tarmac surface.

Michel Molia
Living in Bayonne, this retired dermatologist has already done all esfr-bordermarkers, documenting them on his witty website . He is - like me - intrigued by the fate of the lost 408-submarkers III and IV and has undertaken numerous searches on the terrain and in the archives.

Jesús Murueta Goikoetxea
This canadien Basque or basque Canadien (aka 'Murgoi') has done an extensive search of the bordermarkers 1-272 in the years 2000-2003. He wrote an elaborate account of his quest ("Mugarriak"), covering all these bordermarkers with pictures, directions, descriptions. He sent from Canada the digital scans of his 'book' in august 2013 for which I'm very grateful. It's a treasury and is available on this website as a pdf:
the Murgoi-files (note: it's a large file -280mb - and downloading takes time)

Paco Nudels
Discovered bm359 and told me how he found this remarkable (and disputable) bordermarker. See his website.

Carlos and Conchita Roca
Carlos and Conchita, a cheerful couple from Barcelona started their own survey of the bordermarkers in 2015 in the eastern Pyrenees and they intent to cover the entire range from Andorra to the Mediterranean. Their website:
I accompanied them on several trips and they have been helpful a lot in reporting their observations on bordermarkers and the routes to get to them.

Serge Poncet
Living near the mediterranean coast, Serge is since 2011 a passionate bordermarker-searcher. He wants to photograph them all from coast to coast and I like that. Serge told me how to reach bm602 by using a kayak! See this blog-post. And he organised in april 2014 an informal meeting of 'bordermen' which I enjoyed very much. See this page.