The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all my trips
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- 6 june 2004 -
Again jogging & walking

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While jogging in the morning I looked in vain (from distance on the  road Puigcerda - Llivia) for bm479 and bm478 on the Spanish side of the river Rahur.  

On the new bridge/viaduct over the river and old crossing, I saw two round plates with a line through it on both sides of the bridge. Most probably marking the border but I didn't make pictures .
But I did on:  27 september 2005

Heading back on the French side, I photographed bm478fr and bm486.

Later this day we made a hike from Puigcerda to La-Tour-de-Carol and back covering a few markers.

Beautiful day, clear blue skies.


In a meadow besides the gravel road in the direction of Bourg-Madame, found with help of a passer-by.
Needed some digging to uncover the number.


Jogging further on and on a dirtroad to this marker.


Found while making our hike Puigcerda - La-Tour-de-Carol.

Searched in vain for bm458



On the way back to Puigcerda, on one side of the railway.
The direction of the border indicated on top of it as a line.


On the other side of the railway.


Close-up. Note the borderline on top of it.

Searched in vain for bm469.
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