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- 12 july 2005 -
Pilgrimage to Nuria

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Part of  a 6-days solo-hike from Puigcerda to Prats-de-Mollo along the borderline.
Only one bordermarker today but I knew that at forehand.
Walking:  7 hours. 
On the French side it's a long detour and  climb to Coll de Finistrelles. On this picture I'm looking back into France.

I didn't really consider climbing the Puigmal as a direct route to Coll de Finistrelles.  I think because my maps didn't indicate trails to and from it.

Bm507 is well visible, about 50 meters east of the col (the white spot).


Considering for a moment the possibility of  continuing on the borderridge.  But I doubt if it's safe enough and it's already late.
I descend to Nuria, visible deep in the valley.

to camp.

In the background the buildings of this century-old pilgrimage-site devoted to Our lady of Nuria, Queen of the Pyrenees
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