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- 13 july 2005 -

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Part of  a 6-days solo-hike from Puigcerda to Prats-de-Mollo along the borderline.
Three bordercrosses scheduled for today but I only managed to find one. And even that one proved to be wrong in 2009.

A long day from Nuria to just beyond Refugio de Ull de Ter.
Walking:  10 hours. 
From Nuria I climb to the Coll de Nuria. 

However, no trace of bm508. Just this rusty sign with me posing besides it.

Following the borderridge to the east. 

I approach the  Coll de la Nou Fonts

Move the mouse over the picture to see where the Coll is

(A few pictures here under there's a zoom-in of this picture to show the approximate place of bm509 )

At the coll, I look around for bm509 and find a peculiar number 509 in this rock besides the trail going down.  It is carved in the rock  vertically, painted red and smaller then I'm used to. Also no cross (about the carving I'm not sure.)

By the way, we're looking into Spain.

A bit closer
and zoomed-in and tilted
But in 2009, I received this picture of Alain Laridon

Photo by Alain Laridon
And this one

Photo by Alain Laridon
And this one as a sort of continuation of the previous one.

Photo by Alain Laridon
This is a zoom-in of a picture above and by comparing it to the one above, we can establish the approximate spot of bm509

Move the mouse over the picture to see where bm509 should be

Conclusion: it's a bit to the west and somewhat higher up then the actual pass.
Continuing over the borderridge (the GR11-trail has joined in) to the  Coll de Nou Creus with these remembrance-crosses of perished mountaineers (I believe).

However: no trace of a bm510.

An overview of the Coll de Nou Creus - taken from the east.
This is further on,  the GR11 has left the borderridge and has descended into Spain.

Camping just beyond Refugio de Ull de Ter.
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