The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all my trips
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- 26 september 2005 -
A hotel as base-camp

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Part of a three day-trips from Puigcerda, a hotel serving as base-camp.
Day 1: a trip from Puigcerda 13.30-19.00. I arrived around noon for a few days of solo bm-searching.

Weather: lightly clouded, soft temperature.

Landscape: disorderly with small pastures with wooded banks, hardly any cattle in the fields.
Walking: 5 hours. 
Bm466: searched in vain on  7 june 2004 but now found  50 meter NE  from the bridge at the barrage.

Bm465 is easy to find

Bm464: it took a long time and much looking around finding this one.
Close compass-reading en assessing the distance made clear that it should be much closer to bm465 than I thought.
Quite hidden in the bush along an irrigation-stream.

Bm463: easy to find coming from bm464 with sufficient compass-reading.
It's on top of a smal hill.

Content finding these two ones.
Via Saneja I walk to bm462
And bm461
Straight to bm458
And then:
and bm456 (both remakes of 26 july 2004)

But I can't find bm455. I climb uphill and find 
Bm454  (unfindable at 26 july 2004)

With my compass and assessing the distance, I do find now


It's in the groove from bm454 to bm456.

I'm content, on my way back - for completeness - I pass along
bm459 (done before on 6 june 2004 and 26 july 2004)
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