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- 28 september 2005 -
Bm 30 finally found

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Part of a three day-trips from Puigcerda, a hotel serving as base-camp.

A Llivia-trip from the Via/Odeilla  -trainstation to the northern bordermarkers , walking back via Llivia-town and Onzs.

En route: 9.30-18.00, 8 hours walking,  20 km. In the afternoon: nice summer weather.

After a few kilometers and approaching Targasonnee, I leave the road. Through the fields and then cautiously descending into a cleft.

It's the cleft of a stream running s/sw untill it merges with the borderstream l'Estahuja, exactly at the point where the borderline leaves the stream and goes uphill.

With some luck, I find bm22, exactly at the corner of borderstream and cleft which makes sense for a recognizable  breakpoint in the border.

I climb back the  200 altitude meters and arrive at


Following the borderline into the next canyon gets too steep for me. After a detour I descend - via a French sewage installation  - into the canyon where

bm24 should be . But I can't find it.

It's not indicated on the IGN-map. I presume the location to be where a stream from the north merges in the valley-river, just beyond the sewage-installation.
Like the geophysical position  of bm22.

I climb uphill and find

I try to follow more or less the borderline in the direction of bm28, searching for bm26 and bm27 which are not indicated at the IGN-maps. I can't find them.
Then a last trial to find bm30. Inspirated by the geophysical location of bm22, I concentrate on the spot where a (dry) stream coming from the east merges into the borderriver.

And that's where I find bm30!

It's a cross and not a stone marker.

The  old picture of the marker which I supposed to be bm30, turns out to be a picture of  bm36

Contented I walk to Llivia-town, finding its little museum not interesting regarding the (border)history of Llivia.
Continuing to Puigcerda, I pass bm03.

I consider the Llivia-project as accomplished accepting that I couln't find bm24, 26 and 27.

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