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- 26 april 2006 -
Fighting bulls

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Part of a five-day trip from the Mediterranean sea to Le Perthus and a bit further.
Day 3: from Font de la Maçana (close to bm587) to close to Col de la Comtessa (bm580)

Start 8.15, break 12.15-13.00, stop 17.30, walking time 8½ hours.
Weather: sunny; strong NE wind
Climbing: ± 400 meters
Descending: ± 800 meters

In the morning, cattle around my tent and young bulls fighting for whatever reason.

Passing bm586

View along the borderridge
And another one with the Puig Neulós visible with his tv-broadcasting  tower.

Required a bit searching. Close mapreading led me to the right pass and then this bm is inevitable.

Is somewhat hidden in the bush. From where the GR10-trail enters / leaves the forest (there's waysign at that  point) it's ± 50 meter to the SW.

At the Pic de Neoulos with his tv broadcasting installation.

In 2002 subject of a discussion in the Commission Mixte d'Abornement about the exact delimitation at this spot and the permission to repair the fence within 10 meters of the border, apparently something which is prohibited.

From Roc dels tres Termes there's a well waymarked (and very quiet) trail along the border to Coll Forcat.  This cross is a bit covered in the undergrowth, ± 10 meters W of the gate in the borderfence.
It's indicated at the 50K IGN-map but not at the 25K-map.

The spot of bm582 from some distance.

I try to continue directly along forest roads to the next bm but there are no waymarks.

Instead, I follow the yellow waymarked path to Font d'en Manel and further to the dirt road which winds (waymarked) to


Continuing along the yellow waymarks along a dirt road and path, I reach:

built in a more brickword manner.

Following my compass, a trail appears on the borderridge which leads in 500-1000 meters
- with a  distant view on Fort de Bellegarde  in between - to

579bis in a obelisk-shape.

The trail ends here and descending further along the steep hillside, seems to risky on my own.

I return to bm580 and follow a waymarked path descending into Spain

Soon I find a nice camping spot near a deserted farm.

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