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- 3 april 2008 -
Hostal de la Muga revisited

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Part of a 8-days backpacking-trip in the eastern Pyrenees with Jan-Willem, roughly covering the area bm528 - bm575 and bm600 - 601bis.

Day 1:  walking from the camping in Albanya to Hostal de la Muga and doing a short climb to bm533.



For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

Cum. elevation gain: 1013m
Cum. elevation loss 506m
Total elevation: 1519m
Totaal 1519

According to gpx-view
Distance : 20.03 km
Altitudes : Maxi 816 m  Mini 243 m
Dénivelées : ~ +814 m  -509 m
We have reached the Muga-valley and are close to the border.

This picture gives a nice view of the rocky ridge which constitutes  the borderline between bm538 to bm541.

Move the mouse over the picture to see the approximate places of the bordermarkers.
We're on our wasy to Hostal de la Muga. The winding road along and above the Muga will further on descend to the Muga and the Hostal.

This is a view ahead along the valley of the Muga. In the far distance the steep beginning of this river.

Near Hostal de la Muga 17.15-18.30 I  try to find bm528 and bm529.

However, above bm533 I'm soon trapped in the bush. Last year I could find bm532 much more easily.

JW stayed at our tents, in the background the abandoned Hostal de la Muga.

It's a mysterious place: beautiful, deserted & intensely quiet.
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