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- 20 march 2009 -
The hidden cave

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Part of a 5-days trip to the eastern Pyrenees.

Day 5: a  daytrip from Figueres to Cerbčre - Port-bou. Main target: to explore the access to bm602, the mysterious bordercross in a cave at sealevel.


For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

En route 4.40 hours (10.20-15.00)
According to my watch:
- elevation gain:380m
- elevation loss: 383m
- total elevation: 763 totaal

According to gps:
- 7,7km -> 1,6km/hour,
- while moving: 1.58 hour
- standing still: 2.41 hour

According to visugpx
- distance : 6.82 km
- cum. elevation gain : 379 m
- cum. elevation loss : 378 m
- total elevation:  757 m

- altitude maxi : 189 m
- altitude mini : 6 m
- altitude average : 101 m
From the trainstation of Cerbčre, I walk to the viewingpoint of Cap Cerbčre.

This picture: looking back at Cerbčre.

From Cap Cerbčre there's this view of the coast southwards.

Maps and Procčs-Verbal make the borderline clear: from the hilltop it descends along that giant vertical boulder to the sealine.

Move the mouse over the picture to see the borderline.

There's a trail along the cliff leading to the hilltop and while climbing I study with my binoculars the coast.

As I get closer, I see more and more clearly a cave in the north-side of that boulder. 
This is a digital zoom-in of the cave.  Only accessible by boat, I think. I see no possibilties to reach it by foot.
So this is - I'm quite sure - the "Cova Foradado", the hidden cave.

In june 2010 Alain Laridon sent me pictures of bm602, confirming that this is indeed the "Cova foradado". See:

On top of the hill, it's not too hard to descend to the top of that boulder ("falaise" in the Proocčs-Verbal).

Descending further in the ne-corner of boulder and rockwall seems possible but for me - being alone - it got too steep.

Still: not impossible with some rockclimbing experience and/or -courgae.
At the coastline - however - there are some seawaves to tackle to get to the entrance of the cave

I climb back and visit:


(N42 26 05.4 E3 10 17.9 H191m)
The painted numbers are worn away. There are no other signs whatsoever. 

( N42 26 06.8 E3 10 14.8 H212m)

Looking down at bm601bis (the tiny post to the left of the construction)
Then to the borderpass (Coll dels Belitres)
with the inevitable monument on

the refugees from the Spanish civil war in 1939.
Another view of the pass. One wonders where the exact borderline is. Is it at the changing of the tarmac?


(N42 26 04.5 E3 09 30.9 H170m)

From bm600 there's a waymarked trail descending to Portbou.

A nice and relaxed walk. Satisfied with the discovery of the cave.

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