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- 9 april 2009 -
Saying goodbye to La Rhne

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A long trip from Dantxaria to Bidarray. Fine views from the hills towards the ocean on one side  and the snow-capped mountains on the other side.  Sunny and a strong wind.

For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

Duration: 8.32 hours  (9.30-18.00)
Elevation (watch): 1330m up, 1231m down, 2561m in total

According to visugpx
- distance : 16.68 km
- cum. elevation gain : 1010 m
- cum. elevation loss : 946 m
- total elevation:  1956 m

- altitude maxi : 829 m
- altitude mini : 77 m
- altitude average : 414 m
Starting at  9.30 am after a cold & damp night.

We follow the yellow waymarked path/road behind the camping eastwards.

Position: a little bit to the north of a bridge leading to a farm.
And along this stream.

We have left the tarmac road entering the forest, still following the yellow waymarks.
bm074,  looking backwards to the road
We leave the 'yellow' path at the edge of the forest where  a track starts uphill (sse) to the Gorispil-hilltop.

It's a long climb against the strong wind. Looking back we still can see La Rhne.

We take the path underneath the Gorospil-summit which bends to  to  the right to a pass.

Just before the pass:

Bm075, looking back whith Jan-Willem arriving at the scene.

In the backgroung the Gorospil-top.
On the pass itself: bm076

On the rock nearby there's this bordercross marking the tripoint  of 3 municipalities. It's mentioned in the 'Procs-verbal'.
Both markers.
Descending along the tarmac road, joining the GR10-trail and passing  a farm, we soon reach


The GR10-trail follows the road which passes the next hilltop on the left side.

I leave the GR10 and climb on a corridor between two fences to


The climb to the hilltop with bm079  is steep, there's no path.

Bm078, looking back. Note the 'corridor'  between the fences.
bm079, on the summit.
Jan-Willem followed the GR10-trail and is waiting at this pass,
besides bm080.

On this pass there were splendid views of the ocean, la Rhne and the snowcapped mountains to the east.  Last view of  la Rhne.
Bm080, looking back.  The hilltop with bm079 is less steep on this side.

Continuing on the GR10-trail.

bm081, a bit to the north of the trail, surrounded by 5 stones.
Bm082, the first of a fewe bordermarkers which are numbered on both sides
(Perhaps also bm081, we can't remember).
Bm084, to the south of the GR10-trail, at the beginning of a stream which descends steeply.
The GR10 leaves the borderline and descends also steeply to the river-valley.

On this picture we see the famous Iparla-cliffs in the distance.

Move the cursor over the picture to see the approximate borderline and the next bordermarkers.

Another view from further below

Move the cursor over the picture to see the approximate borderline and the next bordermarkers.
And along the river, past the bridge, we found this camping-spot.
(coordinates:  N43 15 59.9 W1 22 31.9)

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