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- 6 may 2009 -
Mysterious dislocation of bm123

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At night an almost full moon and strong winds. Early start, splendid & warm weather. I see hardly any other people.

For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

En route: ± 8.15 - 19 (10.38h), break ± 3/4 hours.
Elevation according to my watch: up
1208m, down 1158m. in total: 2366 m.
Heighest: 1030m Lowest: 699m

According to visugpx
- distance : 13.6 km
- cum. elevation gain : 691 m
- cum. elevation loss : 686 m
- total elevation:  1377

- altitude maxi : 987 m
- altitude mini : 683 m
- altitude average : 886 m
I continue on the trail at the ridge. From bm109 onwards, there's again a waymarking (orange) which can be used until bm114 for the GRPdesBF.


Then, after ± 1 km over the ridge:


The orange trail now leaves the borderline, traverses through the forest and reaches the edge (left of the trail) of  an open hillside.

From there I climb directly to


By the way: it's not located on the summit of this hill (the Abraku) - where a cairn is - but ± 100m W of it.

Bm113 with the bend in the borderline engraved on top of it.

From bm113, you can see well the pass down below where bm114 should be. I descend directly towards it.

But down below I see again the orange waymarking and walk it back for a gps-track. I find out that from where I left the orange trail, it continues and makes a curve to the W over a lower part of the ridge and then descends to bm114.

That could become part of the main GRPdesBF-route and my shortcut via bm113 a variant.


After bm114 it's a steep climb on a distinct path to the forest. Then furrther uphill - no path - to its summit with


A bit further (no distinct trail or waymarking until bm117 but easy to navigate):

bm116, with a cross and a concrete pillar.
Then descending SWW and SW to


From here, I can join another path (yellow waymarked) which follows more or less the borderline.

Looking back at bm117.
I have to leave the yellow trail for a short detour to


Lunch-break nearby.

bm119, the borderline makes a bend here.

A bit further on a solitary rock


That rock with bm120 from distance.

The yellow trail now leaves the borderline to traverse underneath the hilltop to reappear at bm122.

I stick to the borderridge and reach


Further on the ridge, you reach a point where the descent abruptly starts, a kind of view-point.

At my feet, I suddenly spot


I have read that there must be a bm122bis marker and that one is also indicated at the map.

I didn't spot a "bis" on the marker but I didn't look very well. In 2011 I will learn from Charles Darrieu that the "bis" is engraved just above the second two in small characters. See:

This picture: we're looking forward to the pass where bm123 should be.

A bit of mementi mori
I descend to Col de Belaun where - and further on - I will search in vain for bm123

Move the cursor over the picture to see where I think bm123 is vandalized.

Later on, I will learn that bm123 is further on, on top of the hill. See:
I see this rock where a part seems to be vandalized, the rockpieces lying on the ground.

Move the cursor over the picture to see the damaged part.
I continue on the ridge and discover this piece of rock on top of a rock.

On that piece of rock is painted (not engraved):


Strange, what to think of this? Is it a piece of that vandalized rock?

From here, the borderline/borderridge isn't that distinct anymore. With help of the map, I walk along the edge of the forest and

find on a large lying boulder:


Then an easy descent to Col d'Eyharza with

Then a tough climb along a rockwall to the heighest point of the rockwall/ridge where I find


From here to bm130 this fence indicates the borderline.

Further on: bm127

There are waymarks, also these red/white,  but you might as well just follow the fence.




I search further along the fence for bm131, walking hence and forth.

Later on, I read in the Procès-Verbal that at this point the borderline leaves the ridge (= the fence here).

It's getting late and I have to stop. I walk back along the fence to a stream between bm126 and 127 to collect water.

And close to bm128, I camp for the night.

(coordinates: N43 05 12.2 W1 28 23.5)
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