The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all my trips
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- 26 may 2009 -
Markers in the mist

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Part of a 16-days trip, using day 1-10 to cover bm154 to 264 in the eastern Pyrenees and day 11-16 for bm416 to 365 near Bagnères-de-Luchon.

Day 2: along the borderridge from bm156 to 174.

Straying away from the border is not possible, there's a sturdy fence along the bordermarkers. I go up and down along the borderridge at 1100-1200m until the 250m descent to Col d'Ehunzaroy.

Weather: foggy, rainy, cold. Limited views.

For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

En route: ± 10-17h, =7.01h including ± 3/4h break.

According to my watch: up 675m, down 911m,  = in total 1586, Hmax 1250m Lmin 922m

According to visugpx
- distance : 10.84 km
- cum. elevation gain : 404 m
- cum. elevation loss : 603 m
- total elevation:  1007 m

- altitude maxi : 1259 m
- altitude mini : 970 m
- altitude average : 1164 m
A late start around 10am because of the rain.

From the road between bm154 and 155 - at the curve - you can pick up the borderline, the borderfence soon appearing at your right hand. A bit further:

I notice this orange waymark but you don't need waymarks or directions to navigate. Just follow the borderfence.

There are dirtroads/trails underneath the ridge at the French side but you don't need them.
Then I arrive at bm158 which I mistake for bm157 because of the vague engravings. When I get at bm159, I realize something is wrong.

I return and find out with my gps (measuring the distance) that my bm157 is bm158.

I walk back to where bm157 should be but there's no trace. This picture: approximately the spot of bm157.


The bordermarkers on this ridge are striking by their massive and large proportions.

Some - looking more recent - are made of concrete with superficially carved numbers.


Some of the markers are - like this one -  masonry with a large number engraved in the lower part. They look older.

Bm161, backside
Bm163, backside

Around here, I take a break/lunch in a hunter's shelter.

Bm168, in the background a
geodetic marker.

Bm170, backside

Another type of marker: large and made of massive stone, it seems
Bm171, backside.

Note the very large characters.

From here, it's a considerable descent to Col d'Ehunzaroy


Somewhere here I hurt my leg when I slip away on the steep hillside.

Bm173, backside

The final part of the descent to Col d'Ehunzaroy

Col d'Ehunzaroy with bm174



This is a perfect place to stop, close to Col d'Ehunzaroy. It's a sort of unattended refuge with bunkbeds and running water. But - according to an announcement inside - you need to call the owner for his approval.

So I decide to camp outside.

For a little while it's sunny but soon it rains again. If it rains here, it seems to be raining the entire day.

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