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- 9 september 2009 -
Camping near bm312

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Part of a 5-days trip from Col de Somport to Cauterets, exploring bm305 to bm314. Day 3: descending into Spain and via the reservoir of Respumoso to Port de la Peyre St. Martin with bm312.

Weather: sunny, warm, in the afternoon a chilly wind

For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

According to my watch:
Duration: 9.25-18.10,  in total  8.45 hours

According to my gps:
- walking: 5.43
- standing stil: 3.13
- in total: 8.56
- average speed while walking: 3.4 km/h

According to visugpx
- distance : 16.57 km
- cum. elevation gain : 1257 m
- cum. elevation loss : 1175 m
- total elevation:  2432

- altitude maxi : 2450 m
- altitude mini : 1635 m
- altitude average : 2136 m
I start with walking further along the trail of yesterday (a clear trail with many cairns) downwards to where it joins the trail to Col d'Arrioł. Purpose: to have a gps-track of it. 

Move the cursor over the picture to see where the direct trail to Col de Sobe starts.
There are two large boulders where that branch  starts in the direction of Col de Sobe. This is a easier & shorter way to reach the Col.

Returning on the direct trail to Col de Sobe. Looking back on the valley with the Pic du Midi d'Ossau in the distance.
Col de Sobe with bm311 from some distance

Bm311, zoom-in
Descending into Spain untill the GR11-trail down in the valley.
However:  there's hardly a trail or cairns-waymarking.

In general you should descend on the west-side of the valley. Going down from the col, you'll notice a sort of hillridge in front of you. Pass that ridge a bit to the left of the middle.
By the way: from the col there's a short trail descending to the right but that one disappears in the grass.

Finally you'll reach a stream. Follow the stream  downwards at the left-side and soon a clear path appears (a bit above the stream) which descends into the forest.

Looking back at Col de Sobe.
This is where the branch from the GR11 to the Col de Sobe starts.

The descent from Col to the GR11-trail take approximately 2 hours.
Then: on the Gr11 to Refugio de Respomuso in about 2 hours.

That's a long-long  but gradually climb. This picture: while climbing looking back into the valley and where I came form.

Move the cursor over the picture to see where you descend in the valley - coming from Col de Sobe - and continue.
Approaching the barrage of Respumoso.
The refugio visible at the left, above the lake. The bar in the Refugio is not quite inviting, so I skip the long awaited coffee 

I continue on the GR11 but see that  it leads too far south.  Along a closed cabin (with a rounded roof)
and a small lake I want to get to the lake of  Embalse de Campoplane.
But then I discover / realize that there  is also a higher and more direct route  from the refugio to the lake of Embalse de Campoplane.

To get a gps-track I walk that trail vice-versa.

This picture: close to the Refugio this is where you should leave the main trail and climb the hill for the direct route. On this picture we're looking to the west.
The direct route passes above the refuge.
And this marmotte.
and continues to the lake of Embalse de Campoplane. The trail goes underneath the lake and along the north side of a concrete wall and cabin (with a watertap!) to a grassy plains NW of the lake.

Move the cursor over the picture to see the access to bm312 and the next Col.
I'm a bit confused about the right direction but someone points me where the Port de la Peyre St. Martin is.  This is the Port, seen from the plains.

It's an easy climb (clear path, ± 150 meter up) to the Port de la Peyre St. Martin.
The pass itself is quite elongated. 

And on the end, there's


Bm312, from the backside, looking into France
And I pitch my tent, close by.

Camp: N42 49 21.4 W0 15 38.2 H2302
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