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- 11 september 2009 -
Such a perfect day

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Part of a 5-days trip from Col de Somport to Cauterets, exploring bm305 to bm314.  Day 5: from Refuge Wallon passing Col d'Arratille (bm314) and Col des Mulets and descending to Cauterets.

Splendid day:  bright & sunny, very clear sky.  Unrivalled sceneries with mountain passes, lakes, views of the Vignemale. A popular area: many hikers around.
For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

According to my watch:
Duration: 8.50 - 17.05 ,  in total 8.15 hours, break 30 min.

According to my gps:
- walking: 6.07
- standing stil: 2.12
- in total: 8.19
- distance: 23.0 km
- average speed while walking: 3,7 km/h

According to visugpx
- distance : 18.82 km
- cum. elevation gain : 870 m
- cum. elevation loss : 1336 m
- total elevation:  2206

- altitude maxi : 2589 m
- altitude mini : 1466 m
- altitude average : 2075 m
Start 8.50am.  Down to Refuge Wallon and picking up the trail to Col d'Arratille.

This picture:  while climbing looking back at the valley  where the refuge is.
It takes about  2 hours to climb (from refuge Wallon) to the Col, passing this beautiful lake (Lac d'Arratille)

The last part is well waymarked (white-red). This picture: looking back at Lac d'Arratille.
Allmost at the Col

Located a bit to the west of the trail.
Bm314 from some distance. View on Lac du Col d'Arratille.
View of the Col,  bm314 is the rock with the cairn.
From the Col looking into Spain.
But I'm not going down, I will go to the left on a trail to Col de Mulets.
It will take about 1 hour to reach Col de Mulets on a trail through rockslides with white-red-white waymarks.
This  picture: getting close to Col de Mulets, looking
Looking back - from close to Col des Mulets - at the trail coming from Col d'Arratille and for a long stretch running horizontally along the rockslide-slope.

When the fnal climb to Col des Mulets starts, there is also  a 'white-red-white'-branch leading into the valley, to the GR11-trail I suppose.

But I wonder if there's no direct trail from Col d'Arratille - waymarked or not - into the valley.
Beyond the Col des Mulets I descend in 1 hour on a rocky path to the plains at the foot of the Vignemale . Visible on this picture: Refuge des Oulettes de Gaube.
A  long time ago, I slept one night in this refuge with Jan-Willem.
Today: many daytrippers.

From the plains an impressing view on the majestic north-face of the Vignemale.
Then a long descent ( 2 hours) to the refuge at Lac de Gaube.

A short break with coffee and a sandwhich refreshes me for the final descent  ( 45 min) to the parking of the  Teleferique.
I  get a hitch-hike from a nice retired  couple (from La Rochelle) to Cauterets.
In Cauterets - from this former train station - I take the bus to Lourdes.

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