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- 7 may 2010 -
Cold feet

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From our Gîte d Etappe in Bidarray we (Jan-Willem and me) make an unsuccessfull attempt to drive to La Pierre Saint Martin. It’s splendid weather and it seems perfect for a hike to bm251, 252 and 253. But recent snowfall has blocked the passes into Spain and we have to give up.

We seek a little consolation in lunching in this restaurant in Montory.
Plan B is a drive from Arette via Larrau and Les Chalets d Iraty to the end of the D18, close to the bordermarkers 230 and 231.  A lot of snow there too but the roads are free. The sun has disappeared, it starts to drizzle.
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Our goal is a reconnaissance of an alternative route from bm231 to 232 on the Spanish side. In particular the passage of the stream (Erréka Idorra, just before it flows into the Iratiko Errékao ) underneath bm231 and the connection with the Spanish forest road uphill which leads to bm233.
For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

According to visugpx
- distance : 4.22 km
- cum. elevation gain : 146 m
- cum. elevation loss : 149 m
- total elevation:  295

- altitude maxi : 972 m
- altitude mini : 902 m
- altitude average : 937 m
First along the forest road to the Erréka Idorra.

The stream is swollen by the recent rain and the melting snow but still manageable. With bare feet I cross the stream via an island in the middle, my feet very cold but the crossing easy.
On the other side I climb uphill on a open grassy part (with planted trees) and easily reach the forest road. On this picture I'm looking downwards at the river.
Mission accomplished.

Back again, Jan-Willem waiting at the other side, his camera ready to record my crossing. 

Pictures of bm231 uphill with
a close look at the odd stone against it. 
Maybe an old cross I thought but I can’t find any trace of a cross.
Back on the same road to where bm230 is located, I descend the steep hillside to the bm.
Stone & cross
It’s more close to the river then I remember from last year.
After the pictures, I climb back to the road.

This large distinctive tree (and the cairn in front) indicates where to descend to bm230.
About 10-20 meters to the north, there’s a white painted quadrangle against the rockwall with 230 painted on it. I can't remember that from last year.
Move the mouse over the picture to see where to descend to bm230
End of this trip which tooks us 2 hours (16-18pm).
We drive to St-Étienne-de-Baďgorry for our next gîte d'étappe.
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