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- 11 july 2010 -
Sneaking into gardens

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A long daytrip from Puigcerda with the main target of finding the Llvian bm's 24,26 & 27 which where not found on my trip on 28 sept 2005. But Martial Garcia did find them in 2009 and his information is very helpful.

Weather: very warm and sunny untill halfway the afternoon.

For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

According to the gps-tripteller:
- 32,4km
- time moved 6.57
- time standing still 3.47
- in total 10.45 including breaks
- total ascent: 505meters
- maximum height: 1582m

According to visugpx
- distance : 30.5 km
- cum. elevation gain : 530 m
- cum. elevation loss : 526 m
- total elevation:  1056

- altitude maxi : 1575 m
- altitude mini : 1142 m
- altitude average : 1329 m
Early start (6.45am) in Puigcerda. Before crossing the border-bridge to Bourg-Madame, I enter the garden (tackling the wall along the river) of that large - probably inhabited - house (though I notice a car besides it)
 I found bm481es there on
10 july 2005 and I want another picture and a gps-waypoint.

It's difficult to find it again but the bm is still there, covered in a bush and by moss, standing just besides the wall.
I sneak out of the garden and continue: While crossing the bridge, I make pictures of the bm's 480 on the bridge
Walking via Onzs, Lliva-town and Cereja to LL25..
It's nice & quiet on this beautiful sunday  morning.
Reaching LL25 takes a detour through the forest.
Then further to the camping "La Griollo". This is a sign of a trail "discovering an enclave" I saw on the camping. No idea of its course or extent but intriguing.

Anyway: via country roads to the sewer-cleaning-facility near LL24.
Abundant weed and a swollen stream make getting to the conjuction of the two streams - just beyond the installation - somewhat difficult.
But findig LL24 is easy: its's 20 meters beyond the conjunction at the right bank of the stream at the top of a boulder.
LL24 with the help of chalk.

Then I climb along the small stream back to the camping-area. By the way: climbing directly from LL24 to LL25 can be done. I remember doing that on 28 sept 2005.

A beer at the camping-bar and a nice chat with the dutch landlady about the self-centeredness of both French and Spanish communities in  this borderregion. There's hardly any exchange.

Further via the tarmac road - with Martial's information - to LL26 which is easily found thanks to that information..

It's along the side of a meadow surrounded by an iron cable. The meadow is - say - 100 meters from the tarmac road. The bm is along the side parallel to the road
The next one - LL27 - is more difficult to find in a bunch of boulders, all covered with moss and hidden by bush. Martial's direction of a luggage rack thrown against it, is indispensable..

These boulders are situated next to the road and the one with the bm more close to it..
The cross itself is on on top of the boulder and not obvious to notice from the ground.

The boulder with LL26 on top.
And now chalked.

Further to LL28 for a remake-picture and waypointing.
And finally to LL29
to photograph the cross on top of this boulder, as Martial found out.
I return via Ceraja to Llivia-town and visit for a moment of memento-mori this cemetery.
On my way to Puigcerda,  I somehow miss the country road to Onzs and so I pass LL01 on the main road between Llivia-town and Puigcerda.
Backside of LL01

As I reach the viaduct/bridge over the Rahur, a thunderstorm starts. I  take shelter underneath the viaduct.

After the storm, I cross the bridge and

make pictures of the special (unnumbered) bordermarkers on it

And take from the bridge a picture of the old bridge over the Rahur which is the border.

and subsequently recross the Rahur on that old bridge with the bm's 477.



Via the country road to Bourg-Madame, bm479fr is still there behind the fence of the garden of a youth holiday center. I take my chance - it's rainy, everyone is inside -to sneak on the premises and make close pictures and waypoints.

In Bourg-Madame sheltering again for a second wave of rain & thunder and then back to Puigcerda.

At night I watch together with the hotel-owner's family the world champion soccer final between Spain and Holland, lost by my fellow countrymen....
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