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- 4 september 2010 -
Returning into civilisation

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Summary: part of a 11-days backpacking trip from Cauterets to Loudenvielle ‘doing” bm315 to bm330. Day 11: no bordermarkers, just a short reconnaissance how the access route to Port de Clarabide can be and then to Loudenville

Weather: very fine, sunny
For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

According to visugpx
- distance : 14.21 km
- cum. elevation gain : 129 m
- cum. elevation loss : 1240 m
- total elevation:  1369 m

- altitude maxi : 2214 m
- altitude mini : 1078 m
- altitude average : 1621 m
From my camping spot I descend - first along cairns and along the stream - without problems to the valley.

In between there's this remarkable water-installation, part of a sort canal which leads horizontally to the west, it's partly covered but well visible in its course along the hill-slope.

At this point I went more to the right, to the North, to descend in a curve to the valley.

From the valley untill this water installation, there’s no waymarking and hardly a trail. 
Looking at the valley, notice the cabin. Down in the valley I try the trail leading to the west but that one doesn’t lead to any other access to Port de Clarabide.
Apparently, it leads to Port d'Aigues Tortes

Concluding: my suggestion for accessing Port de Clarabide:
coming from Refuge de Salou, climb the valleys and continue to the (private) cabin in the valley (on this picture).
The trail continues and passes a wooden framework ("FenÍtre" on the IGN-maps), meant as one of those nature-information-points but this one not filled in.

From here you should climb in SE-direction, passing under rock-wall and arriving at some watersystem-installation.

Move the mouse over the picture to see my suggested trail .
But let's put it in a more prospective sight: a printscreen from Google Earth facing SE.

It shows my 'loop' along the lake to the Port de Clarabide and descending to my camping-spot (yesterday) and descending further (today) back.

As you can see, the approach of the Port along my camping spot is more gentle. Moreover, from my camping spot (approximately) to the Port, there are cairns.
A zoom-in.

When you arrive at the water-installation, climb along the stream untill its source and where the cairns start. The cairns should lead you to the Port de Clarabide.

Move the mouse over the picture to see my suggested trail higher up.
I descend to Refuge de Salou, enjoy another cassoulet 
and descend further to the tarmac road and along it to Loudenville, visible on this picture in the distance.
Down in the valley at Pont du Prat, this monument remembering the brave ones who fled occupied France in WWII to Spain to join the French army.

Just before Loudenville I get a hitchhike and from Loudenville I manage to take busses and train to Lourdes, arriving there in the evening.
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