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- 21 march 2011 -
Les Albères revisited

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Summary: part of a 5-days trip from Portbou to a bit beyond Le Perthus (bm600-bm560). A remake of a trip in april 2006, now with a gps. Day 1: from Portbou to bm596.

Weather: sunny and cloudy, chilly at the end
For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

Start: 14-, finish: 18-, net walking time: 4h

According to the gp-tripteller:
Distance: 10,2km
Time en route: 3.57h
Total ascent: 887m
Final height: 559m

According to visugpx
- distance : 9.68 km
- cum. elevation gain : 807 m
- cum. elevation loss : 265 m
- total elevation:  1072 m

- altitude maxi : 626 m
- altitude mini : 5 m
- altitude average : 352 m
Having arrived by plane in Girona and travelled by train to Portbou, I start my trip with a view on the Méditerranée.
I clim to the borderridge along that waymarked trail directly to bm600.
Looking back at Portbou.
To bm599 I tried two trails, finding the one at the French side better and nicer. Bm599 is vandalized, the rock seems quite brittle.
Bm599, not recognizable in this damaged status but I have pictures of my 2006-trip.

The vertical red stripes are meant to represent the Catalan Coat of Arms. I will see this kind of vandalizing a lot on this 5-days trip.

For the offenders apparently a way of boosting Catalan patriotic feelings. For me it's just vandalizing cultural-historical monuments. 
Further on, looking back at the pass with bm599. There's also a large container standing at the pass.
Bm598, reached by just following the trail (on the French side, white/yellow waymarked). It's on the rock left to the road, just before the grassy pass.
Bm598, looking forward to the  hilltop of Torr de Querroig.
Then a long rocky climb to Torr de Querroig but passing underneath the summit.

This picture: looking back at Coll de la Farella where bm598 is.

I've passed underneath Torr de Querroig and arrived at Col de Rumpissar.

This information panel tell's the story of this pass  used by refugees from occupied France into  Spain in WWII.
I allmost miss bm597 at the eastside of Col de Rumpissar, my gps showing waypoint further on. That's my first experience with wrongly located waypoints, found on Google Earth.
A bit further on, this view back on the Torr de Querroig.

Bm596 is somewhat hidden at the westside of a pass above the fountain of Font de Taraveus.
I descend through the bush to that fountain and camp besides it along the dirt road.

I'm tired. It's windy and getting cold.
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