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- 16 may 2012 -
Doing remakes

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Summary: part of a 6-days trip - accompanied by Jan-Willem Doomen- with daytrip-targets in the Basque country, near Fos and around Puigcerda.

Day 5: revisiting a number of LlIivia-bordermarkers, some of which have been renewed in recent years

Weather: nice & sunny
For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

En route: 13.30 - 18.15 (4.45h)

According to the gps-tripteller:
Distance: 8,2 km
Cum. elevation gain: 300m
Total elevation: 600m
Maximum height: ?
Time: 4.52h

According to visugpx

- distance: 7,8 km
- cum. elevation gain: 206m
- cum. elevation loss: 213m
- total elevation: 419m

- altitude maxi: 1574m
- altitude mini: 1401m
- altitude average: 1492m

An afternoon trip from our camping 'La Griola' near Targasonne.

Main target: the double 31-34 Llivia-markers which in recent years have been replaced by brand new ones.

Lying more or less on our route, we revisit LL26.

(for a short while along the tarmac road, then into a field, climbing a fence, then to the right and spotting LL26 at your right hand behind the fence).

LL26 with me, its location becoming clear behind the fence.

It's early spring here - few leaves, little undergrowth - and this is a perfect time to search and photograph bordermarkers.

(photo by Jan-Willem)

We head directly through the fields to

LL 27, the boulder from some distance
LL27, zooming in
LL27, being carved at the top of this boulder.

That's how I took the last two pictures.

(photo by Jan-Willem)

LL27, I have climbed upon the boulder and applied chalk.
Then to LL28
LL28, looking in the direction of LL29
Between trees and shrubbery: LL29. 
The actual bordermarker LL29 is on top of this boulder,

which can be climbed from behind.

(photo by Jan-Willem)
On our way to LL30, using a shortcut to avoid the tarmac-road lacet.
LL30 was a difficult find on 20050928
but now - with my gps and memory - an easy find.
On our way to the double 31-34 bordermarkers, these impressive boulders.

We follow the the stream on the Llivian-side, later a bit higher on the hill slope, in the end descending on a gentle slope back to the stream.
LL31 to 34 cannot be missed on either side of the stream.

Both LL31-markers seen from Llivia

Both LL31-markers, seen from France


Both LL31-markers

Both LL32-markers, seen from Llivia

Both LL32-markers, seen from France


While I do the bm-spotting, Jan-Willem spots nature.

(photo by Jan-Willem)

Both LL33-markers, seen from France


Both LL33-markers, seen from Llivia.

It's springtime, a lovely scene

(photo by Jan-Willem)
Both LL33-markers
Both LL34-markers
Both LL34-markers, seen from Llivia
In between, we spot a fox in the fields.

(photo by Jan-Willem)
Both LL-34-markers, seen from France
We continue to LL35 

and then return: crossing the fields to the dirtroad and heading northwards.
We make a final detour to revisit LL25
LL25 again

and descend steeply 
to LL24

LL24, seen from far from the sewage-installation on French territory.

with this zoom-in to the rock-in-question.
and return - climbing parallel to a stream - to the camping.

On this altitude, it gets quite chilly in the evening.
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