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- wednesday 22 april 2015 -
Sightseeing in Puigcerda

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Summary: the fourth of four daytrips around Puigcerda,  re-doing the 444 to 505 bordermarkers to check coordinates and wayfinding.

Today: recovering from yesterday and making a pleasant stroll around Puigcerda.

Weather: cloudy, chilly
After a visit to the post-office of Bourg-Madame, I take the dirtroad along the French camping to arrive at the old bridge over the Rahur.

Bm477 is carved and painted on both balustrades.
This is the balustrade to the north with the new bridge in sight.
The balustrade to the south.
In fact I'm walking reversely a part of the GRPdesBF.

This picture: looking towards the access to both bridges and showing how the GRPdesBF main route and variant merge just before the bridge.
Higher on, looking back to the small road which descends to the two bridges and the direction of the GRPdesBF-route.

And I pay a visit to the new crossborder-
hospital of the Cerdagne.

It's a bi-national hospital serving both Spanish and French inhabitants of the Cerdagne and is as such unique in the world (they say).
Back in the old center of Puigcerda, there's this viewpoint towards the village of Vilallobent in the distance where I was yesterday.
Zoom-in showing the borderline.

Tomorrow morning I will drive back to Girona Airport and fly to Weeze to return home.
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