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- 20 july 2004 -
Conquering Pic de Medecourbe!

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Part of  a 8-days hike around the two tripoints of Andorra and neighbouring bordermarkers. Starting in Arinsal and finishing in Puigcerda with in between public transport from Auzat to Porte Puymorens.

On this day I crossed the Port the Medecourbe,  climbed the Pic de Medecourbe, the western tripoint of Andorra. I finished at Pla de Boet to bivouac.

I was here before on
17 august 2001  on my first attempt to clim the Pic.

Walking: 7 hours. Ascending: ± 300 meters. Descending: ± 1100 meters.

Els Estanys Foreats

Looking back at the lake from above, from the pass
I started at 08.30am. Carefully  ascending on the snowfields, making use of rocky parts if possible.
Last part was sort of rock climbing.

And here I'm at the pass itself, looking at the northern side of it.

The Pic de Medecourbe is  the highest point of this gently curved mountain ridge.

I left my backpack at the pass. At first I climbed too far to the east (at the right of the picture) to the ridge.  On the ridge in the direction of the presumed tripoint I came across a deep gap. By traversing underneath I could pick up the ridge a bit further.
The ridge gets more wider then.

And finally further to the west, there is the


An iron pole should be the evidence. Though the French topo-map shows a "borne"  (a marker),  this doesn't appear very official. And indeed, it isn't one of the 602 bordermarkers mentioned in the 'Procès-verbal' .
The border between France and Andorra has never been officially demarcated.  

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The tripoints of Andorra

And the ultimate proof that is was really me who conquered the Pic de Médecourbe.

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The views all around were overwhelming. This is a 360 degrees panorama from  the Pic de Medecourbe.

Descending back to the pass. The whole trip from cabin to the tripoint to the pass, took me 3 hours.

And then followed a long, long descent to Vall Ferrera.

And there's more to life then bordermarkers,  for example these beautiful wild flowers

Pla de Bouet

A perfect camping spot, end of a victorious day.
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