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- 10 july 2005 -
A stroll on sunday

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Part of  a 6-days solo-hike from Puigcerda to Prats-de-Mollo along the borderline.
A roundtrip from Puigcerda, exploring - in a sort of semi-circle - bordermarkers 495-467

Weather: cloudy in the morning, later on more and more sunny.
Walking: 9 hours. 
My hotel in Puigcerda where I arrived yesterdag. It is cloudy this morning, hiding the mountains in the distance.

 So I decide not to backpack into the mountains but to book a second night in the hotel and undertake a daytrip around Puigcerda.

Bm491, on the road to Palau-de-Cerdagne.

Sunday is perfect for this trip because it  involved a lot of trespassing of meadows and fields.
It's is nice and quiet in the morning.

From this bm, I leave the road and go south to find bm492-495



Bm495, so I missed
bm494, a bit back in the same meadow.

Back to bm491
Bm490, then a detour via Palau-de-Cerdagne to
A "hunting restricted" sign on the border, a bordermarker in his own right.
Bm482fr, a metal plate in the tarmac on the french side of the river Rahur.

Along the Rahur there are double bordermarkers.
The water level in the Rahur is low and  I can wade through it. On the other side:

Bm481fr, another plate in the road.
Bm481es,  I find this one after long and covertly searching in the garden of an empty villa.
It's hidden under bush

Bm481es in close-up
Bm480, both markers in the middle of the bridge
I continue on the Spanish bank of the river:

Bm477, both markers are on the parapets of this old bridge over the Rahur.
Bm477north, you can see the new bridge over the Rahur.

These bordermarkers are the last of the double bm's along the Rahur.
An overview of both bridges, to the right the old one.
This is the new bridge. Notice the smal bordermarkers on both sides.
This is one of them.  There's no numbering.
Looking forward in the direction of the borderline. The borderline bends off the river.
Bm475, so I missed 476 but from this one I could find
Bm476, a bit back.

Through thick bush I climb to 
Bm471 is a cross close to the entrance of a traintunnel, on a heap of stones in the middle of a field.

Bm471, close-up
Bm469 (got frightened by two dogs who later returned to the farm)

I searched for a while for a bridge over the stream, down the road. And there is one for pedestrians.  However: no trace of bm466

Bm467 to the left, at the right
this kind of bordermarker which doubles as a milestone. On this picure we face to France.
And here to Spain.
View from my hotelroom, to the mountains which are my destination for tomorrow.
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