The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all my trips
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- 27 september 2005 -
Can't find borderstone 30

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Part of a three day-trips from Puigcerda, a hotel serving as base-camp.
Day 2: a Llivia-roundtrip from Puigcerda from 8am to 7pm doing 30 km.

It's a nice sunny day in a quiet rural  landscape with all those a-symmetrical arranged fields, I liked it.  Also quite empty of farmers & cattle and it's silent.

Some markers were easily found, others with difficulty, especially the double 34-markers.
Disappointing was that I couldn't find bm30 and complete the range 45-22.

Walking: 11 hours. 



Bm477 south
Bm477 north
The old bridge over the Rahur with both markers 477
Unnumbered bordermarkers on the new bridge
The 0ne at the south-side
now from some distance with the old bridge in the background.
This is the second crossing of the neutral connection-road (N154) between Puigcerda and Llivia with a French road.

The bilateral conflict on who has the rigth  of way was here solved by a round-a-bout.
Bm45, in the bush
Bm40, is a cross. The IGN-map refers to a stone (BNE = borne).
Bm39, harder to find. Using the compass from bm40, I succeeded.

Via Cereja I walk to bm36 but first I look for 
bm38, finding it with help of my compass.

Then to:

Bm37, easy to find.

Back and via
Bm36,  straight to 

Then via a small stretch along the road to the place of bordermarkers 34. No trace but the spot itself seems obvious.

I go on and find

The markers 33.

This is the one on the Llivia-side
And this the bm35 on the French side.

From here I walk back through the dry bed of  the stream and start searching again for the 34-bordermarkers.

Finally I find under bush and a woodpile bm34-french.

And so I can localize on the other side of the bed 
Then I return and find the markers 32. You can see both on this picture. The one in the foreground is bm34-llivia.
And this is bm34-french
The 31-markers are easily found.

This is bm31-llivia, a brand new one as you can see.
Bm31-french in the foreground.

I keep following the dry bed to the north and some streaming water appears.

Then it's a long, long but fruitless search for bm30.  The map says that it's a cross but I have an old picture of  a borderstone.

I go on to
bm28 and find then
Bm29 which looks improvised, not very official.

With my compass I try once again to find bm30 but in vain. But it has to be on the spot where the borderline leaves the stream. And I can't match the surrounding of that old picture with this spot.

Back to Puigcerda via Llivia-town and Onzs. It's a long walk back from the north of llivia to Puigcerda: 2 uur, passing

Bm05  and
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