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- 28 april 2006 -
Nudism along the border

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Part of a five-day trip from the Mediterranean sea to Le Perthus and a bit further.
Day 5: from close to bm564 to bm560 and returning to Le Perthus.

Start 7.45, stop 14.30, walking: 6 hours. Climbing: 200, descending 500 meters.

Weather: clear sky, still a strong wind (tramonta?), cold in the morning.

An early start, I have to catch the bus in the afternoon and want to find some more bordermarkers.


Just before the Coll de Postels I enter a road/trail in the direction of the border. A bit further is an open space with a little barn in a corner and a dirt road going to the right.  At that spot is


That dirt road becomes a narrow and muddy trail and merges back into the GR10.

Further on, just beyond the  farm
("Attention au chien"), is a water reservoir. From there a path - becoming more clear higher up - climbs to the south, becoming more flat and grassy after 5 10 minutes. Down a path to the left I suddenly see:


Going back  and following a stream I return at the road. The stream flows over the road to the other side.
This stream and the western path along it, seems a better and more obvious access to bm561.

Continuing along the road (GR10) I reach a sideroad which leads uphill to a sort of waterreservoir. Further on it becomes a forest road and arrives at this field. At the SW-corner of it I find


Meanwhile it's 10.15 and I walk back to Le Perthus.

I'm surprised to read on this signboard that in this area nudism is allowed (if I understood it well).  

I try again to find bm566 but without success.

On this picture: the snow-capped Canigou-mountain far away.
And I'm perfectly on time in Le Perthus for the 3 pm bus to Figueres and from there the train to Girona.

This picture: a view on Girona, a very pretty town.

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