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- 27 august 2007 -
Up the mountain and back

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Kml: esfr-trip-track-20070827.kml
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Part of two trips in the Cerdagne, starting from Enveitg. Day 1: a roundtrip to bm438, covering bm444-438.



En route: 08 - 17.15 (9 hours)
Time walked: 8 uur

According to my watch:
cum. positive elevation: 788m
cum. negative elevation: 748m
total elevation: 1536m
max. altitude: 1869m
min. altitude: 1224m

According to gpx-view:
Distance : 20.473 km
Altitudes : Maxi 1914 m  Mini 1237 m
Denivellation: +572 m  -574 m

Splendid weather, very quiet in the forests, didn't meet anyone.

I walk via Tour de Canot, follow a 'yellow' trail uphill and then this dirt-road, leaving it to find


From this bm you can climb straight ahead (steeply) on a corridor in the forest to bm443.

Or (what I did): taking - a little higher - a forest-road to the left which brings you to a tarmac road which brings you to bm443.


Coordinates: N42 27 45.5 E1 51 34.8 H1715m

Bm443 with the straight corridor to bm444.

On my return I will descend through the corridor.
Where the tarmac road bends to the left, go straight ahead on the dirt-road to


Coordinates N42 27 54.1 E1 51 12.2 H1739m

Later on, I leave the dirt-road and find

bm441, looking quite new

Coordinates: N42 28 05.8 E1 50 51.0 H1732m

Just beyond this bm, I cross

a tiny stream and traverse N a fenced meadow up to a hill, about 100m to


Coordinates N42 28 09.9 E1 50 50.7 H1758

Then in between rocks in NNW-direction on a sort of trail which becomes a better trail later on.

Bm439III, inconspiciously on a small hill along the trail.

Coordinates: N42 28 13.0 E1 50 47.9 H1756m


Coordinates: N42 28 21.2 E1 50 46.1 H1796

The trail becomes more vague, then more of a stream until


Coordinates: N42 28 27.6 E1 50 39.5 H1804

The trail is still easy to follow, now with a rocky surface and brings me to
bm439, on a nice spot where two streams merge.

Coordinates: N42 28 35.2 E1 50 38.2 H1793m

Navigating now becomes less straigtforward. If you continue NW, you'll reach a dirt-road which brings you with a bend back  at the border. Or ignore the bend and go straight NW and reach the road again.

Coordinates: N42 28 45.6 E1 50 19.5 H1899m

It's located about 30m S of the dirt-road / trail with the cross facing SE.

Note: my Pda/gps locates the borderline more to the east with another distinct triangular rock where one would expect bm438.

From here the borderline climbs steeply through the broom but looking manageable.

I return, it's 1pm, taking a break at bm439. 
Bm440, again.
This panorama: looking over Cerdagne.
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