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- 28 august 2007 -
The longest day

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Part of two trips in the Cerdagne, starting from Enveitg. Day 2: from Enveitg to Refugio de Manyol, finding bm434-429

En route: 12.15 hours
Time walked: 11 hours

According to my watch:
cum. positive elevation: 1805m
cum. negative elevation: 1006m
total elevation: 2811m
max. altitude: 2671m
min. altitude: 1225m

According to gpx-view:
Distance : 20.182 km
Altitudes : Maxi 2738 m  Mini 1237 m
Denivellation: +1448 m  -711 m

I left the camping in Entveig at 7am, needing 3 hours to reach the dirtroad close to bm438.

Today I took mountain roads on the French side to climb the mountain. I remember spotting a fox with two cubs.

After some descending to collect water at a stream, I find my way through the broom on cattle-tracks to the spot where bm437I must be, according to my pda/gps.

But I can't find it despite an intensive search.

Then - more difficult - through the broom to the spot of bm437.  But I can't find that one either.

This picture: the approximate place.
Struggling on through the broom to a more open slope where bm436 must be. But same story: unfindable.
A view back on the valley where I started this morning.
I also can't find bm435, despite a clear description and gps-location.

But two years later I discover on the above picture a cross!
And when comparing it with the pictures on this webpage of Alain Laridon, I come to the conclusion that it must be bm435.

I keep climbing on the ridge. This picture: looking back.
It's not difficult to spot bm434 on Pic de la Tos.

Coordinates N42 29 11.9 E1 49 24.5 H2384m

Then to bm433, tilted but well visible from distance.

Coordinates: N42 29 04.4 E1 49 10.0 H2384m
Bm432, the highest point of a bunch of rocks (Roc Colon).

N42 28 59.4 E1 49 00.2 H2412


The Roc Colon (with bm432) from distance.

At the next angle of the borderline, there should be an unnumbered cross. But I can't find it but didn't really search.
Bm431, easy to find

N42 29 25.4 E1 48 15.4 H2572m

Well, let's say: Mementi Mori
This is an interesting zoom-in: we see an arrow-shape from which the vertical line is the forest-corridor between bm443 and bm444.
Bm430 at the highest point of the pic of Pedros de la Tosa.

N42 29 07.7 E1 47 30.9 H2700m

On my pda/gps this angle in the borderline is located 40m to the NW

The Pedros de la Tosa from distance.
Bm429 near Font Bovedor, at the confluence of two streams.

N42 29 10.2 E1 46 40.6 H2690m

You could bivouac here (it's flat,  there's water) but that could be rough in bad weather  on this 2700m-high plateau..

The pillar behind the bordercross is probably a Comarco-bm, marking the Spanish community-borders.

My pda/gps locates bm429 about 100m to the NE.

It takes a while to find the cairns marking the trail from Puig Pedros to Refugio de Manyol, down in the valley.
The descent took me 1 hours. Near the Refugio there's this camping area with access to streaming water at the stone bridge, just beyond the Refugio.

The next day - in very windy weather -I will return to Latour-de-Carol / Puigcerda on the GR11-trail. The end of this holiday.
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