The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : other bm's - in tunnels
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The main focus of my project are the numbered esfr-bordermarkers, fitting in the 1-602 sequence. Unnumbered bordermarkers and crosses on the current esfr-borderline are included when information is available.
But there's more to find along the border: other objects and signs which mark the border

This page: the bordermarkers in bordertunnels. Apparently it's custom to to mark the borderline with plaques at the tunnelsides.

There are five cross-bordertunnels, in the Pyrenees: from W to E:

- the Somport-tunnel for motorcars, opened in 2003
- the Somport railway-tunnel, in use from 1928 until 1970
- the Bielsa-tunnel (motorcars), opened in 1976
- the dual-tube railwaytunnel underneath Le Perthus, in use since 2010
- the railway-tunnel of Cerbčre-Portbou, opened in 1876

The two plaques in the Somport-tunnel. Pictures made by Jacques Koleck.

The derelict international railway-tunnel underneath Col de Somport between Pau and Canfranc.

It's unknown if there's a plaque or any other kind of bordermarker is this tunnel.

The plaques in the Aragnout-Bielsa-tunnel. The pictures were made by Jean Sermet, the great border-commissioner.

The tunnel du Perthus was built for the high-speed trains which were to link Perpignan and Barcelona. It consists of two tubes.

Tube 1: these are plaques in tube 1
Tube 2: and these are the plaques in tube 2.

The international tunnel des Balitres between Cerbčre and Portbou.

It's unknown if there's a plaque or any other kind of bordermarker in this tunnel.