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- 18 august 2001 -
No bm426 at Port de Bouet

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Part of  a 8-days hike from l'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre to Aulais-les-Bains, right through Andorra. In this way I linked two GR10-stopovers in a southern variant, enabling me to explore the tripoints of Andorra.

On this day I started from Pla de Bouet, crossed the Port the Bouet - looking in vain for bm426 - and continued in a long descent to Mounicou.

Walking: 7 hours. Ascending: ± 600 meters. Descending: ± 1400 meters.

Down below is the Pla deBouet where I started. I'm heading for the Port de Bouet.

Port de Bouet

At the pass looking into France. The  map shows bordermarker 426 at this pass but I could't find the borderstone.

I didn't yet know that there are also bordercrosses in the Pyrenees: a cross and number engraved in a rock.

Pic de Medecourbe

After a steep descent I reached the valley-floor. The Pic de Medecourbe with his gentle curve is well visible from the north..

Gîte d'Etappe in Mounica

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