The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all my trips
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- 4 june 2004 -
Double and flattened bm's

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A nice & easy stroll from Puigcerda (where Karin and I are spending a few days) to Bourg-Madame and back.
We cross the border-bridge and make a loop in Bourg-Madame

Bm480 : both markers

This bridge crosses the river Rahur which is the border for 1,5 km here.
In the middle of the bridge you see the two markers right and left. Along the river there are several double bordermarkers: one at the French side, one at the Spanish side.


At the north-side of the bridge.


At the south-side of the bridge


We made a loop in Bourg-Madame and got back to the border at the sw-side of the village where we found this bm.

Another one - probably bm484 - was spotted further on in the fields (no picture made for whatever reason).


While walking back to the borderbridge along the river, we stumbled on this peculiar bm: a metal plate in the streetsurface.

In close-up. Note that this is one of two bordermarkers 481 on either side of the river.
A passerby told us that there was a similar plate back in the street. That had to be bm482 but we couldn't find it.
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