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- 15 july 2005 -

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Part of  a 6-days solo-hike from Puigcerda to Prats-de-Mollo along the borderline.
Route: Prats-de-Mollo – Coll d’Ares – Prats-de-Mollo. From 8.30am to 18pm, walking time 8,5 uur.

Nice warm weather


In about 3 hours climbing to  Coll d’Ares with


And a bit further a memorial about the Spanish refugees in 1939 at the end of Civil War.

After a cup of coffe (the restaurant being on French soil, I asked it) to

Bm518, easy to find
Back to the Col and exploring the other side.
A waymarked trail seems to be closed off because of a 'private' -sign I motice.
It's tough wrestling through bush on the borderline to bm520 which is well visible in the distance.


From this bm - to return to the Col - I can take that waymarked trail which trespasses that private terrain, evaded earlier.

Back on the Coll, I think I'm done. But after checking my notebook, I discover that I missed bm517!

So back on the mountain-ridge.  On this picture: looking back to Col d'Ares.
Bm517, easy to find.

And back to Prats-de-Mollo via the same trail as yesterday.

And back on the Camping Municipal with even the comfort of a real chair,  friendly offered by my neighbour.
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