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- 24 august 2006 -
Ruined factory on the pass

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Part of 7-days trip from Alós de Isil to Canejan, exploring the bordermarker-range bm422 - bm411.
Day 1: from Bordes de Pina to Port de Salau (bm422) to Ponta Perosa.

- walking time: 6˝ h
- cum. elevation gain : ± 800 m
- cum. elevation loss : ± 750 m
- total elevation: ± 1550 m

The previous day I have walked from Salardu via Alós Isil to Bordes de Pina. I tried to find the HRP-trail climbing from Bordes Pina to the west but couldn't find it. So I decided to stay for the night and go eastwards the day after.
This picture: I camped about here in a night with thunder, rain and hail.

This morning: I descend back to the road, walk northwards past de Refuge del Fornets and climb on a wit/red-waymarked path to Port de Salau. Limited views because of clouds/mist.

It quite a luck, I found bm422, inconspicuous on ground level.

Bm422, situated about 20-30 m SW of 6 stone pillars.

N42 44 22.2 E1 7 50.1

Remarkable: the ruines of a factory built on the pass. There's a king of shelter or refuge built inside.

I descend back on the Spanish side. There is trail just beneath the Col but above a white rockridge which leads NW to a dirtroad which descends to Ponta de Perosa.

I took by misstake a lower trail and had to climb later to reach that dirtroad.

My terminus for today: ± 500 m before Ponta de Perosa.
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