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- 25 august 2006 -

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Part of 7-days trip from Alós de Isil to Canejan, exploring the bordermarker-range bm422 - bm411.
Day 2:  from Pont Perosa to Col d'Aula (bm421) to  Montgarri.

- walking time: 6˝ h
- cum. elevation gain : ± 1050
- cum. elevation loss :± 750
- total elevation: ± 1800 m

From my camping spot above Pont de Perosa, I climb in 2 hours to Col d'Aula on a red/white waymarked trail.

Weather: clear skies.

At the col - with splendid views on both sides - there's a cross as well as a pillar bm421

N42 46 22.8 E1 4 56.5
Additional information from Charles Darrieu in 2011: the cross on the horizontal rock is the original and official bordermarker.

The pillar besides it was placed somewhere between 1949 and 1998 by the border commisioners Jean Sermet and his Spanish colleague M. Alija.
Because this col can be reached by a mountain road  from Spain, they decided to indicate the borderline better with  this pillar. 
But it's not an official bordermarker.
(source: "De quelques questions touchant l'Abornement frontalier 1949-1998" - Jean Sermet)
I descend back to Pont de Perosa in 1˝ h. and from the Pont it's 2˝ h walking to Montgarri.

This picture: while descending to Pont de Perosa.

It starts to rain and in Montgarri it's pouring.

There's sort of festival in that nice hamlet and I take a break for a coffee.

And then - about half an hour beyond Montgarri but± 10 minutes before Cabana de Parros - I find this camping spot. Height: ± 1800 m.
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