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- 9 april 2008 -
My precious notebook

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Part of a 8-days backpacking-trip in the eastern Pyrenees with Jan-Willem, roughly covering the area bm528 - bm575 and bm600 - 601bis.

Day 7: from Las Illas to Le Perthus with as special targets bm566 and bm574bis.


For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

According to gpx-view:
Distance : 18.128 km
Altitudes : Maxi 774 m  Mini 251 m
Dénivelées :  +302 m  -509 m

En route: 09 - 16 (Las Illas - Le Perthus):
According to my watch:
Up 517m Downd 780m In total: 1297m
Hmax 778m Lmin 251m

The gîte d'étappe in Las Illas.
And in Las Illas this monument remembering the Spanish refugees after the Spanish civil war.
We walk to the Coll de Manrella with its monument for the Spanish refugees of the Spanish civil war.

This monument is the subject of a territorial dispute between France and Spain, that is to say: at least in 2002.
In the proceedings of a meeting of Commission Mixte d'Abornement, Spain insists that is on Spanish territory.
First target: finding back my precious notebook, lost yesterday.

A first search in the blackberry near bm559 is fruitless, neither is going hence and forth to bm558.

In Peru I have learned how the mountain spirits can be invoked to help you. And I try it here. I guess that the  Pyrenean mountain spirits were pleased (and surely surprised). My last seach in the blackberry near bm559 is successful!!

At 11.30 we continue in the direction of Le Perthus on the GR10.

It's quite boring on that long sandy dirtroad. Ttraversing the beech forest near Mas Nou was a relief in this respect.

We pass bm564.

and bm565
And go searching for bm566, previously unfindable. From bm565 we climb along a trail to the summit of the hill. At the summit where the trail bends to the right, I see on the map on my pda-gps that this is NOT the summit.

The top of the hill is oblong and the real summit (and/or where bm566 is) is ± 50m NW from the bend in the path. There's a vaguer trail leading to it, the bm standing a few meters to the left of the trail:


We descend along the main trail to the E and 'do'


and gp569
and - in Le Perthus - bm576.
In Le Perthus our target is

bm574 'bis', a submarker of bm574 not yet photographed. This in fact the old spot of bm574, once relocated to give more space for the road.
Bm574 bis with bm574 in the distance.


Bm574, looking to bm574 bis.

We have to wait 3 hours for the bus to Figueres.

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