The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all my trips
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- 18 august 2011 -
Easy day

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Summary: part of a 3-weeks trip to the Pyrénées to 'do' the ± 60 remaining bordermarkers. All done as daytrips from campings.

Day 4: on a rainy transit-day from St-Etienne-de-Baigorry to Urdos,‭ ‬I visit Col de Somport.‭ ‬

Weather: rainy
For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

‭ ‬It rains to hard to do‭ ‬some‭ ‬‘new‭’‬ bordermarkers.‭ ‬But bm305‭ ‬and‭ ‬bm305bis are on the very Col itself and that‭’‬s an easy remake.


Bm305bis, zooming in to bm306 with that building nearby.
The building is useful in locating bm306.

Then - also easy -‭ ‬a short drive to the Candanchu ski-station to see what business is still open and to spot any GR11-way-marks‭ (‬in vain‭)‬.
And then finishing with a bumpy drive to the other side:‭ ‬the Astun ski resort to see if there‭’‬s any indication where the trail starts to Col des moines.‭ ‬

There‭’‬s none.‭ ‬I spot however the likely beginning‭ (‬behind the last building on the upper row of buildings,‭ ‬at the east-side of a stream‭). That is confirmed by Ton Joosten in his HRP-guide.
The camping in Urdos, my basecamp for the next 9 days.
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