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- 28 august 2006 -
Dining with the shepherd

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Part of 7-days trip from Alós de Isil to Canejan, exploring the bordermarker-range bm422 - bm411. Day 5: from Ria Torán to the cabin of la Traučs, from there searching in vain bm419 and doing bm416 and bm415.

- walking time: ± 8 h
- cum. elevation gain : ± 550 m
- cum. elevation loss : ± 400 m
- total elevation: ± 950 m

From my camping-spot I continue on the path to the west. Further on there's a branch going uphill to Pas dera Poterla, waymarked only by a few cairns and a vague trail. Later on, the trail gets more disticnt with cairns and blue waymarks.

It leads first to a cabane (Cabane le Plan) on a flat upper part.  This picture is taken at the cabane looking east.

Move the mouse over the picture to see directions. The possible shortcut is something I discovered in 2011 in Google Earth. It deserves an exploration.

From the cabane you have to follow cattle tracks in the direction of Pas dera Poterla. Stay above the trees.

A next cabane (the Cabane de la  Traučs) appears. The shepherd - Roger - is hospitable and tells me where to find bm417: on the ridge above the cabane (if I understood him well)

I can leave my backpack at the  cabane and climb with difficulty to the ridge, east of the cabane. There's a solitary tree at the ridge as a focus and the last part is allmost too steep.

I follow the ridge to the west but can't find a bordermarker.  Going east is impeded by incoming clouds.
This picture: probably looking east along the ridge.

Back at the cabane, Roger explains me that bm417 must be on Pic de Houradic. I'll try again tomorrow.
Roger invites me to pitch my tent near the cabane. There's running water here and further on - beyond bm415 - dwells a bear, he tells me.

After pitching my tent, I walk to Pas de Poterla. That pass is actually SW of where the trail from the cabane passes the ridge.
You can already spot bm416 on this picture.


N42 50 14.1 E0 47 30.9
This is the adjacent cross.
Further on at 1˝ km:

bm415 : pillar and cross

N42 50 11.9 E0 46 34.0

Then I return to the cabane. It's difficult walking on the grassy slope. Fogbanks drift along.
At night I'm invited at the shepherd's dinner: eating pasta with canned fish and drinking wine.

It's a treat after my austere meals sofar on this trip. And Roger tells me a lot about his life as a shepherd and how things went in the past.
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