The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all my trips
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- 29 august 2006 -
Confused by Roger

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Part of 7-days trip from Alós de Isil to Canejan, exploring the bordermarker-range bm422 - bm411.
Day 6: three unsuccessful trips from the Cabin of la Traučs to find bm417.

- walking time: ± 7 h
- cum. elevation gain : ± 1000m
- cum. elevation loss : ± 1000
- total elevation: ± 2000

The first 2 trips (9-13.15) exploring the ridge from that solitary tree to the east.  In vain however.

This picture: I've walked over the ridge to the east and look back.

Roger told me: bm417 should be at the end of the ridge before the ridge climbs steeply to a summit. From the bm you can spot in the direction of Melles a cabane and a hamlet.

Probably first picture of trip 2.

That solitary tree in view now. My first climb to the ridge - yesterday - was directly to the tree which was very steep in the end.

It's easier to follow a cattle-trail say 100 meters below the tree climbing more gentle to the east to the ridge, that's what I'm doing now.
Then you can go to the left to the tree.

The last picture of trip 2.  I've come quite far on the ridge and look back.

Back at the cabin, Roger gives new directions. A visiting shepherd confirms the existence, the visibility and the pillar-like shape like bm416.

Roger's directions aren't very clear and differ from yesterday's. 
The third trip (14-17) was to the far east of the ridge but I can't find that apparently very visible bordermarker. I just don't understand.
This picture: at the far east at a broad grassy saddle before the ridge becomes rocky and steep.

When I'm back again at the cabane, new directions again.  I'm getting confused. Bm417 must be halfway between the tree and the end (or steep climb) of the borderridge. At that spot there's a sort of mini-valley or bowl on the ridge itself with no obvious watershed.  The north-side of that mini-valley or bowl should be the real borderline.
Now - 2011 - I think Roger meant another direction then I searched: halfway between the tree and Pic de Huradic. So to the W of the tree and not E of it.

In 2010 and 2011 I will learn that bm417 is a cross on Cap de la Pique, much more to the west. It still puzzles me that Roger was so explicit about a massive borderstone like bm416.

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