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- thursday 6 june 2013 -
Finishing the Llivia-bordermarkers

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Summary: a seven-days trip with Jan-Willem with a lot of targets in the Basque country and around Llivia.

Day 7: finishing the redoing of the Llivia-bordermarkers (started in 2012) with a special eye for the connecting routes between them. From Llivia-town we walk to bm36 and proceed from bm to bm until nr 5.
Our basecamp is camping Las Closas in Err.

Weather: bright skies, sunshine, springlike landscape

(click to open this trip in Google Earth or copy link to Google Maps; click right on this link to download gpx-version)

For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
cartography page

According to my gps:
- 14,5km
- 6h walking
- pos. elevation 274m
- maximum height 1388m

According to visugpx

- distance : 13,9 km
- cum. elevation gain : 201 m
- cum. elevation loss : 205 m
- total elevation: 405 m

- altitude maxi : 1385 m
- altitude mini : 1168 m
- altitude average : 1252 m



Then through the fields to

My waypoint (based on IGN cartography) of this bm was 70m wrong.

The other IGN-made waypoints were quite accurate.
Bm37 with me, giving an impression of the kind of terrain we're crossing.
Jan-Willem is less interested in bordermarkers and takes his change to photograph nature and ... this chapel: the Santa Maria de Belloc, 3 km to the west.
We mainly cross straight through fields, following the borderline.

Sometimes we use dirtroads and/or have to make detours aroung fenced horse meadows.

That's the case between bm38 and bm39.
This dirtroad brings us to a field
where bm39 is located.
Bm43 was more difficult to find inside this horse-meadow. It's in fact somewhere left against the hedge/bushes.

But we didn't want to enter this horse-guarded meadow and approached bm43 from the other side of the hedge.
But I still had to enter the meadow to find and photograph

But once knowing where bm43 was located, I could also reach it from behind the fence.

Then straight through the fields/meadows to



Lunch-break near bm44.

Then it took us a long time to find bm45, though the gps-location proved to be fairly accurate.

The actual scene has changed since 2005 and that confused me.


But from bm44 the location of bm45 is already visible: it's at the far end of the field that stretches SSW.

And at that far end, it's a few meters further. Jan-Willem is pointing to it.

Jan-Willem was the one who finally spotted bm45 and that's why

he deserves this photo of honour.

Then straight to bm01.
Bm01, looking to Llivia-town

From the barn nearby, there's no dirtroad towards bm02, contrary to my memory.  So we just (once again) cross the meadows
to a dirtroad where we find bm02.
Bm03 requires a detour on this field.
Bm03, looking SW where we came from.

We have to return because to the left is the river El Segre
which you can only pass at this footbridge.

It brings you to the quiet hamlet of Onzs.

There we take the wrong dirtroad and cross once again straight through fields towards

It's located left of the dirtroad, a bit lower and not (well) visible from that dirtroad.
Bm05 is 10-15 meters further on the dirtroad but now to the right.

It's up a small hill and not visible from the dirtroad.
Bm05, looking towards the dirtroad.

Then back to Llivia-town, it's been enought for today & for this holiday.
At the camping we enjoy sitting outside in the sun and with a mug of wine .

It might be the first day without rain but alas: heavy rains soon start and
almost flood our tent.

The next day we drive back to Holland. Despite the rainy weather, it's has been a pleasant and productive week.

The discovery of bm196 at day 1 is our pride and joy.
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